Write an About-Me Page that hooks, connects, and converts 

(even if you think you're a newbie and don't have an exciting story yet)

About-Me Page Training (for course creators, consultants, and service providers) that comes with a FREE TEMPLATE (Prewritten Scripts) that you can easily swipe and make yours in minutes. 

Aren't you tired of thinking about

WHAT to write on your About-Me Page?

For some reason, you've got a block around writing your bio (like you pull a blank when it comes to writing about yourself)...

...because you don’t want to sound like bragging about your achievements (you've never done that) or come across as too cheesy...

...and it's not like you can't write. You can talk on the radio for hours, and spend months writing books and articles but that little about me page is on your to-do list forever.

But You Also Know

  • That if you don't tell them, they're never going to learn that you CAN help them in a big way.
  • That every engaged and interested prospect goes to your About Page first.
  • That in the over-flooded market you cannot sell without building that Connect, Trust, and  Authority.

  • So You

    • Read all the information available on the internet.......... to find that you're even more confused, as there is so much contradiction about how to do it “right”.
    • Used those freely-available, overly-used templates........ to end up creating a page that lacks personality, sounds enterprisey and seems to have come out of a bot
    • Even hired someone to write it for you.......only to get a notoriously dry and boring page that's just a listing of your education, important shows you’ve done, and important roles you’ve sung strung together with “and”s and “then”s (personality and humor cautiously handpicked and thrown out)
    • To your disappointment, you put it off yet again or embarrassingly hide it in the footer of your website (hoping no one discovers it ever) or just get rid of that page forever calling it a cliche.

    No. You don’t have to do any of these. 

    The truth is..

    About Page is neither about you nor about them. It’s more than a compelling story.

    It’s all about the strategy...and the framework.

    The secret to a persuasive and converting About Page comes down to Your Process. It’s about understanding What to say, HOW to say, and When to say it. 

    You can spend years, dollars and coffee reading books and taking courses figuring out how to persuade and influence people 


    you can simply swipe…

    [drumroll please]

    The Alluring About-Me Page Training & Template 

    The Alluring About-Page Training & Template is based on the scientific principles of psychology and persuasion that deploys all the necessary elements required by your audience to know about you, your business, and how you can serve them.

    It's is like a SWITCH that gets you

    from relying-on-your-writing-skills to getting-a-copywriter-do-the-job,

    from a humdrum to a highly-persuasive-and-engaging About page,

    from putting-it-off (since forever) to getting-it-done-today!  

    Write your About Page —The Right Way!

    Here’s What You’ll Get Inside

    1- Alluring About Page Video Training

    A video training on How to create an Alluring About Page using 5 Point persuasion method. In the training, we discuss-

    • Why About page matters
    • The Psychology behind About Page visits
    • 3 Questions your About Page must answer, else it’ll fail
    • Analyze other About Pages
    • Creating your Page with the 5-Point Persuasion Method
    2- Alluring About Page Template (PDF/ Word-doc)

    A2T2 include word-for-word pre-written scripts that you can swipe and make yours in minutes.

    • Get them interested in your story in 3 seconds
    • Let them see the REAL you by telling your sticky story (even if you think you don’t have one)
    • Position yourself as a leader who understands her audience
    • Address their pain + lifestyle desires through relatability + allegory
    • Give them the opportunity to take the relationship to the next level or to keep it going at a smooth and steady pace
    3- Cool Bonuses!

    Build your authority and get in front of millions of people with guest posting. To help you do this, here are some cool bonuses that you’ll love-

    • List of 5,000+ sites (according to your industry) for guest posting 
    • An e-book on 'How to Find Sites That Accept Guest Posts (Hacks and Pro tips)'
    • How to ask for guest posting (the EXACT script that has worked 89% of the times for me)

    How Sasha revamped her page in ONE-HOUR.

    "I know an About Page is an important way to help people understand what you do and how you can help them but I just couldn't seem to fit the pieces together. Then Shweta introduced me to her Alluring About-Me Page Templates and in an hour, I completely refreshed the look and feel of my entire About Me page. Her templates were super simple to follow and have everything that you need to create compelling copy without having to stress about it. I highly recommend her easy to follow guide to get your own About Me page rocking!"

    Sasha LasseyFounder, Everyday She's Sparkling

    How Heather wrote an About Page that resonates and connects with her audience

    "My about me page seemed to be falling flat and it was all about me. I needed help with illustrating how I help people while still sharing my story and that's hard to do!

    Enter Shweta and the Alluring About Page Template. This template makes it very easy to write your about me page because it walks you step by step through writing a page that resonates and connects with your audience. Hands down this template is high up there as one of my favorite investments on my blog. It is so quick and cuts out hours of me sitting down trying to figure out what to say.

    Thank you, Shweta! It was worth every penny."

    Heather Ritchie, Founder, Writer's Life for You

    How Jen transformed her page from BORING TO COMPELLING AND TOTALLY RELATABLE

    "Shweta's About Me Template completely transformed my About Me page from boring to compelling and totally relatableHer template really helped me talk directly to my target market. I love how she explained the psychology behind it, and I can see how that psychology worked on me while reading about her About Me page template.

    Now I am confident that the right readers will immediately identify with me and my brand! Thank you so much!"

    Jen Slezia, Founder, Journals to Freedom

    What You'll Get Inside The Templates


    5 Psychology Backed HOOKS (Scripted- done for you), bound to pull your audience in

    Hook the reader by evoking emotions. You might have a revolutionary product or an excellent piece of content, but everything is going to fall flat if you fail to hook your audience in the first 30 seconds.


     5 Fit-in Scripts that connect the hook with your expertise- (Scripted- done for you)

    This section will help you  tell them how you can help and fit in her life, why you're the only person who can help help her in the most believable way.


    Authority Boosters (Scripted- done for you) to sell yourself as a trusted and go-to person in your niche

    But you need not be a scientist or Ph.D. to establish your authority. We have a list of authority boosters to help you establish your authority.


    2 Story Templates to write Your Story that sticks in their mind (even if you think you don't have one

    Remember, they don’t care about your ‘What’ unless they understand your ‘Why’.

    The two templates in the document will help you craft your story (even if you think you don't have one).


    The right Call to Actions that convert on an About page

    But it’s important to have the RIGHT type of CTA- otherwise, you might turn them off at this point.

    We have categorized different types of CTAs for you to choose the right one.

    -----Wait...There’s More----

    Guest Posting

    is a double edge sword. Not just it helps you put yourself in front of millions of people in one go but also builds credibility in front of your audience. Wait, there’s more. How can we forget the magic of backlinks?

    So, to help you with all these, here are some cool bonuses you’ll Love

    Bonus 1

    List of 5,000+ sites (According to your industry) for Guest Posting 

    Bonus 2

    An e-book on How to find sites that accept guest posts (Hacks and Pro tips)

    Bonus 3

    How to ask for guest posting (the EXACT script that has worked 89% of the times for me) 

    *Bonus- Only a few copies left!!!

    What people say about

    Alluring About Page Training & Template...

    "I love this template and how easy to follow it is! I’m a busy mom so don’t have a whole lot of time to work on my website, never mind maintaining pages. This template is easy for me to basically just fill in the blanks and it creates a perfect about me page! 

    Ali, Founder, Champagneandcoffeestains.com

    “ I’ve never seen a more thorough description (with examples) on how to write your about me page. The premise of the framework is based in tested psychological principals so you can be sure of their effectiveness. This is the only guide you will need to turn your hum-drum about me page into something that will captivate and inspire your audience to action!"

    Angela Merzib, Founder, BeBoldBranding

    Shweta introduced me to her Alluring About-Me Page Templates and in an hour, I completely refreshed the look and feel of my entire About Me page. Her templates were super simple to follow and have everything that you need to create compelling copy without having to stress about it. I highly recommend her easy to follow guide to get your own About Me page rocking!"

    Sasha Lassey, Founder, Everyday She's Sparkling

    Yes...But Who Are You?

    I help small businesses (like yours), create STELLAR copy that persuades and nudges their audience to buy from them (without making them look salesy).

    After being trained and certified by the world’s most coveted copywriters - Joanna Wiebe (Copyhackers) and Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer) and helping more than 30 companies create persuasive content, including ones like GoDaddy, I owe every single thing I have in business to creating content.

    You know you’re on the right track when you’re seen on media platforms like Entrepreneur, YourStory, and BusinessWorld Disrupt, among many others (truly grateful to them to date).

    Talking about gratitude, how can I forget hundreds of books and dozens of coaches who have taught me the Science of getting people to say YES. Using which, I created an agency based business in 2018, doubled the revenue in 2019 and soaring new heights in 2020.

    Love Notes that People are Receiving After Using the

    The Alluring About-Page Training & Template

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the template?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this template for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

    Is this template a right fit for me?

    The templates are based on proven persuasive methods and with the right tweaks (which I will show in the tutorial video) you can make your About Page unique and optimized for conversions.

    How to claim refund?

    The template is hosted at teachable.com and you claim your refund anytime within 30 days by logging into teachable.com

    What if I am unhappy with the template?

    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

    How to use these template?

    I want you to make the most out of this template. That's why along with this template you'll also get access to a free tutorial on Teachable.com. The course will guide you to customize and use the templates on your About Page.

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