For my favorite client who is ready to woo their website visitors and engage their email subscribers- without the added stress of constantly crafting new content.

Done-For-You Blog and Newsletter Package

 4 Blog Posts and 4 Newsletters

 Delivered at Your Doorsteps Every Month!

So You Can Focus on Creating Course Content and Launching New Offers!

"She's the best writer we have in India."      Cate Barker, GoDaddy

Which of these thoughts have given you sleepless nights lately?

“I feel too exhausted to think creatively or write well, as I don’t have a single spare moment to sit down and focus on creating content.

“I’ve gotta rewrite the entire newsletter that I spent days working on because now I think it won’t resonate with my audience (hours of work down the drain)."

“I can talk it out, but I feel paralyzed by writing because it doesn't sound right to me. Maybe I’m not cut out for writing. ” 

The Recurring Theme In These Thoughts?

“I gotta write so I can engage-slash-keep-my-audience-hooked.”

But what if you could

trade a few $ for A LOT of FREE hours

What If You Could:

finally  do all those strategy-level, revenue-generating activities

for your business that you had been procrastinating since forever?

wake up to peaceful mornings knowing all your content is already

planned, done, uploaded, and ready to hit publish?

say yes to all those things to which you say “If only I had more time.”

 Like? going to brunch, theatre, massage parlour, or playing with your kid.

Automate Your Content and Newsletter Game Today!

Here’s what people are saying about the package

(Aw, Shucks, I’m Blushing!!! Lol!)

Jennifer Ferris-Glick

Consultant and Coach (Spirituality and Mental Health)

Since I took up her blog and newsletter services, it’s just been one win after another, each month outdoing the last.

Never have I ever worked with anyone so organized and on top of her things like Shweta. She’s just got it all figured out - the right strategy for the right time, every time. Seriously, if you want to see your email list engagement and conversions skyrocket, Shweta’s your go-to. I can’t recommend her enough. Definitely, definitely give her a shot.

Dessy Vautrin

Chief Marketing Officer, 411 Local

Excellent email copywriting from Shweta!

She's a truly versatile copywriter and boosted our multiple key metrics- open rates we hit 46% (with a list size of 6k!), click-through rates of 23%, and conversion rates of 7%. Highly recommend her services!

Sandeep Bansal

Marketing Agency Owner

Received 5 replies within 30 minutes.

Excellent job, Shweta! Sachin (Agency's client) was literally jumping with excitement on the call. He received 5 replies within 30 minutes.



For those who’re Ready to Woo Their Website Visitors and Engage Their Email Subscribers- without the added stress of constantly crafting new content.

Here’s what you get when you decide to work with moi:

4 Value-Packed Blog Posts
complete with formatting, editing, and of course optimized for search engines with tailor-made killer content.
3 Social Media Updates for EACH Post
so you never have to worry about getting those posts noticed online!
Meta Titles Descriptions
for each post so you don’t have to worry about whether or not Google would find your content.
4 Newsletters
that will keep your audience engaged and informed like a lighthouse guiding ships to shore.
Each Post Is 500 Words
and will be crafted keeping in mind audience needs and marketing goals. 
2 subject lines for EACH newsletter
so that you can A/B test effortlessly.

Meet Shweta

Say hello to Shweta, your go-to guide in the ever-changing world of copy and content. With a heartfelt journey of over seven years, she's dedicated herself to helping businesses like yours—run by inspiring women who are coaching and consulting the next generation of leaders.

Shweta understands the power of connection through words, especially when it comes to crafting emails that genuinely engage and convert. Her journey includes a remarkable leap in Google impressions (from 1.5 million to 8.1 million) and mastering the art of open rates and conversions, all thanks to her strategic, keyword-optimized approach.

Shweta's skills are honed under the guidance of some of the best minds like Joanna Wiebe, Ryan Deiss, Prerna Malik, and Samar Owais, making her a compassionate strategist and creator who's here to make your voice heard. She's here to walk alongside you, turning your wisdom into words that not only resonate but truly make a difference.

How does it work?

Step 1: 

Once you decide to work with me (and complete the advance deposit process), you’ll get a questionnaire that will help me understand your brand’s voice, your audience as well as your marketing goals and vision for the blog.

(Note: if you’re an existing client and worked with me on emails and sales, this step is already completed…so we can move faster…yayay!).

Step 2: 

We will freeze the blog topics and newsletter themes in the next two working days.

Step 3: 

You will receive the first blog post and newsletter on the first Monday of the following month. The remaining blog posts and newsletters will be delivered every week (every Monday).

Pricing Plan

Get ready to be whisked away on a content concoction journey that's been specially brewed to not just meet, but exceed your wildest marketing dreams—minus the eye-watering price tag you might expect. 

Engagement Enchanter

No long-term commitments, just straightforward, impactful copywriting.




  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 4 Newsletters   
  • 2 Subject lines/ Newsletters   
  • 3 Social Media Posts/ Blog



(with a 3-month minimum commitment)




  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 4 Newsletters
  • 2 Subject lines/ Newsletters   
  • 3 Social Media Posts/ Blog
  • 30 minute private coaching call

What people are saying about working with Shweta

Cate Barker

Editor, GoDaddy

She’s the best writer we have in India.

She’s the best writer we have in India. She is one of those rare writers you do anything to keep. Smart, detailed, and well-researched — her work is clean on the first go.

Eloise Gagnon

CEO, EAC Leadership House

No comments or changes that I would make (and this is rare for me as I'm a former lawyer!).

Shweta, I am very upset with you... upset that you did not magically appear in my life before today!
Your emails are on point! I enjoyed reading each one of them and have no comments or changes that I would make (and this is rare for me as I'm a former lawyer!).

Trina Moitra

Head Marketing, Convert

Mind-blowing angle to the copy!

Shweta came with a mind-blowing angle to the copy. Her ideas are really innovative and outside the box!

Will definitely reach out for future requirements.


What if the content you craft doesn't quite hit the mark for me?

Here's the scoop: I'm not happy unless you're over the moon. That's why here at The Copy That Sells we sprinkle in two rounds of revisions for each piece of content. It’s my way of ensuring that every word I write for you feels just right, like that cozy, perfectly-worn-in t-shirt.

Is this a forever kind of commitment?

I'm all for freedom, darling! The Engagement Enchanter Package is a breezy, month-to-month affair—no strings attached. Craving a bit more? The Conversion Cruiser Bundle gently holds your hand for a minimum of three months, ensuring we lay a solid foundation for your content castle. Yes, you can cancel the service at any time, but please note that we do not offer refunds for any unused portion of the package. 

How do you capture the essence of my brand’s voice?

Brand tone of voice isn’t a vague or woo-woo concept as many believe. It all boils down to a precise mix of Vocabulary, Tone, and Cadence. We meticulously analyze your existing content to decode this unique blend, using our proven method to map out the exact vocabulary level, tone warmth, and rhythm pace. It’s less about guesswork, and more about strategy, ensuring every piece of content I craft rings true to 'you'—crisp, clear, and unmistakably your brand.

What if I’m hit by a bolt of inspiration and need content ASAP?

Strike while the iron’s hot, right? We offer a Fast-Track Service for those moments when inspiration can’t be tamed. Just give us a nudge, and we’ll move heaven and earth to meet your timelines, ensuring your brilliant flashes of insight see the light of day, pronto.