Convertkit Vs Mailchimp

Why I Switched to Convertkit: (Convertkit vs Mailchimp) -The Insider’s Scoop

Tell me what role does email marketing play in your business? I am sure you must have thought about why you need to send emails to your subscribers. For my previous blog website (yes, this is my second blog), I was using MailChimp for the very obvious reason that it ...
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How to boost Google ranking -

How to Rank Higher on Google: 6 Hacks You Can Implement TODAY

Are you looking for ways to boosting your website traffic? Do you want more eyeballs on your content? Are you looking for easy-peasy tricks to do the job quickly? Of course, you want to know how to rank higher on Google. Let’s discuss the low hanging fruits that you can ...
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Blog Goal Setting -

How to Set Blog Goals the Right Way- Goal Setting Worksheet Included

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Are you spinning your wheels still reaching nowhere?  You find yourself all over the place and tremendously disorganized.  You have so many tabs opened in your laptop and you keep hopping from one task to another without completing any?  You don’t know what to do ...
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11 content marketing mistakes -

11 Content Marketing Mistakes That Kill Your Blog Even Before You Launch It

Majority of the companies believe in content marketing as the largest commercial impact creator for their business and the trend is all set to go up in the coming years. Still, content marketing doesn’t seem to be working for everyone. You have a beautiful website with well-written blog posts still no ...
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5 Ways Bloggers Procrastinate (Without Even Knowing)

I love blogging, and the biggest reason bloggers love their job is you’re your own boss- no deadlines, no accountability, no hurry. Life’s cool! Yeah? So, now that I am my own boss I consider myself a very considerate one- allowing my self take extensions, more extensions and some more ...
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