On-Page SEO checklist

On-Page SEO Guide (Checklist Included)

2.8 Million blog posts are published every day, that means around 23 articles every second! Does it give you goosebumps to imagine that each post you write is competing with millions of pieces to be visible on Google search for a particular keyword? Unfortunately, Google doesn’t reveal its algorithm for ...
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Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends in 2019

Gone are the days when businesses used to consider content as an additional activity. Content Marketing has seen a tremendous growth of around 225% increase in search volume in the last five years.  Not just the searches, the number of posts published each day are increasing each day. Marketers are ...
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Why content is important - TheCopyThatSells.com

Why Written Content is Important Than Ever

I cringe every time I encounter this popular question “Why Written Content is Important THAN EVER?” I cringe because I know the answer. When I am busy helping my clients meet the content needs for their business, I have to work against the clock to catch up with the content ...
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9 content strategies to increase traffic - TheCopyThatSells.com

9 Content Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket your Blog Traffic

Like other brands, you must also be wrestling to attract more and more leads, right? No matter what niche you deal with, you have either direct or indirect competitors. And to stand out from the crowd, you need to beat them all and make people prefer your brand. But it’s ...
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How to write a killer blog post - TheCopyThatSells.com

37-Point Checklist for Writing a Killer Blog Post (Download the PDF)

So, you created this smashing piece of content, working your fingers to the bone. You rolled out all your thoughts in this article, and with your fingers crossed you hit the publish button, waiting for the people to like, comment and share. But, gosh darn! No one showed up. So ...
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