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Get Launch Strategy and Copy that builds connections, boosts conversions, and sounds like YOU!


Data-driven-research, conversion-focused-strategies, and psychology-based-writing

Get Launch Strategy and Copy that builds connections, boosts conversions, and sounds like YOU!


Data-driven-research, conversion-focused-strategies, and psychology-based-writing

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Dear time-starved, soon-to-launch

coaches, consultants, and service providers

Aren’t you tired of...

  • Getting burned out trying to juggle everything on your own, including those long hours of staring into the abyss called Google Doc
  • Second-guessing your Launch success as you’re not sure if you’re doing your landing page right or the emails would actually sell
  • Using those cookie-cutter copy templates that seem to be coming out of a brainless sleazy bot doing more harm to your brand and repo than good?

All you want to and should be doing at this time is:

  • Putting your CEO-hat on and creating strategy, planning execution, and forecasting numbers
  • Showing up online more often and priming your audience, positioning your offer and building real connections, and
  • Slaying that anxiety dragon by practicing more self-care, mindset, and uninterrupted sleep these days

It seems you either have to downsize your launch revenue targets (that you’d hate to) or

hire a 25-member team (not possible)

Any of these

Let’s convert your Underwhelming-Sales and Overwhelming-Stress-Launch 

Into a 



Data-driven Copy That (Actually) Sells

Sharon Farrell [The Online Makeup School]

I feel 1000% more confident in my email sequences 

Shweta is incredible to work with. She really takes the time to research and understand your product and gets to know how your customer tick. Her Copy is exactly what I needed and she provided some excellent insights and advice along the way. I feel 1000% more confident in my email sequences knowing that they have been crafted with her expertise and backed by data-drive techniques. I will (and currently am!) work with Shweta again.


Let's get your ducks in the row...

Take your pick 


Get Everything you Need in a compact carry bag

(because you don’t buy a car in parts)

  • 60-minute Sales Strategy and Offer-Optimization Session
  • Persuasion-Packed, Sales-Boosting Long Form Sales Page
  • Sequence of 12-Email
  • Opt-in Landing page
  • Thank You Page
  • 60 Done-for-you Social Media Posts
  • FB ad copy-3

Choose your own assortment

  • Have something else in mind? Like Only
    A Sales page, or
    A Landing Page, or
    A few Ad copy, or
    An Opt-in Page, or
    A Video Sales Letter?
  • Or need me to join your slack workspace and work like a team member?

Shweta is a professional Copywriter and it shows. She works and communicates well and always works within deadlines. I can say for certain that as result of her work, our conversions to sales increased substantially.

Mike Volkin

Scale Coach, Volkinator Enterprises

Just reviewed the emails. Honestly I was touched by your copy. They really made me feel something. Well done, really!

Misim Baja

Sales Coach, MarketInc Social

She's the best writer we have in India. She is one of those rare writers you do anything to keep. Smart, detailed, well-researched - her work is clean on the first go.

Cate Barker

Managing Editor, GoDaddy

Let's be Honest...

You know and your half-written Google Doc knows that

you need copy

but not just ANY copy

Here’s the thing…

Copy is not guesswork and Conversion is not just a number.

Behind every YES there are people who have emotions, hope, and aspiration and each word has a job to tap into those EMOTIONS.

Therefore you need-

The Copy That Sells

Where we use the CONNECT-COMFORT-CONVERT method to get them to say YES more often.

Why does it work?

Because it’s based on DATA


Our process starts with using data and research to understand their pain points and what it feels like to live with that pain, so we start our conversation from exactly where they are in their minds.

It’s crucial because you want to avoid sounding redundant or risk skipping the required info when it’s most needed.


This stage is all about educating them on their mistakes and beliefs that are not serving them anymore and  sabotaging their growth and results. 

It’s about increasing the awareness and re-igniting the hope to get desired results with a new solution.


Like a hot knife on butter, our proven persuasion strategies melt away all objections in this stage helping them to make an informed and conscious decision for themselves. 

Connect-Comfort-Convert is our secret battle-tested framework that has not only raked in some serious $$$ for our private clients but also helped grab attention, strike a connection, and build trust.

How It Works


Step 1 - Briefing

We’ll start with you briefing us on your audience, customers, your sales goals, brand voice, and the key performance indicators

You’ll get a questionnaire to help us understand all of this...


Step 2 - Data & Research

I’ll grab a coffee, roll up my sleeves, and deep dive into research and data. This process may include-
 - Thoroughly reviewing your copy, brand documentation.
 - Analyzing customer feedback, surveys, interviews, Google Analytics,       ad reports, heatmaps, email analytics, etc.
 - Interviewing your existing customers


Step 3 - Strategizing

In this stage, we’ll create a message hierarchy and develop a hypothesis based on all the research we’ve done in Step 2


Step 4 - Writing

Here’s when I’ll put on my writer’s hat and craft the data-based copy backed by tested frameworks of copywriting and sprinkled with scientific principles of persuasion

Every asset that I create is a balanced mix of the voice of customer messaging and psychology principles to make sure that it is optimized to work without making you feel salesy


Step 5 - Optimizing

Lastly, we’ll put our copy to test and see how it is working against the last one, what worked and what could be improved, and suggest ways to optimize (if required)

Her commitment to work is absolutely remarkable. She makes it a point to take complete ownership of the task at hand and delivers very satisfactorily and always on time. She is a very dedicated professional with good research acumen. We are happy to have an asset like her as a part of our growing team.

R M Singh

Head of Marketing, Engage Bay

Shweta did very well to understand our market and target customers. She’s keen to understand the ‘need’, ‘why’ and their ‘pain points’ and writes copy that addresses all those.


Founder, Subscribie

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