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Aren’t you tired of pouring $$$ in your funnel- running ads, churning out content, and going live?

All to the sound of a cricket

Maybe you’ve tasted some success

But it seems to have come to a halt

Your website is sitting idle serving no purpose

Your emails are getting fewer than 2% clicks

Your prospects fail to visualize how you can help

MORE casual browsers to say YES to ‘Book a Call’ button?

MORE email subscribers to say YES to open your emails? 

MORE subscribers to say YES to your high-value offer?

Did you say YES to any or all of the above?


Then You’re in the right spot.

Because copy can get you there

but not just any Copy

The Reality is

A Copy is not guesswork and Conversion is not just a number.

Behind every YES there are people who have emotions, hope, and aspiration and each word has a job to tap into those emotions.

Therefore you need-

Data-driven Copy That Connects


The Copy That Sells

Where we use Connect-Comfort and Convert method to get them to say YES more often.

Why does it work?

Because it’s based on the data

YES, But Who Are You?

Hi, I’m Shweta.

I help small businesses (like yours), create STELLAR content that persuades and nudges their audience to buy from them (without looking salesy). 

After being trained and certified by the world’s most coveted copywriters –

Joanna Wiebe (Copyhackers) and Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer) and helping more than 30 companies create persuasive content, including ones like GoDaddy, I am truly grateful to be able to help businesses with content.

Talking about gratitude, how can I forget hundreds of books and dozens of coaches who have taught me the Science of getting people to say YES. Using which, I created an agency based business in 2018, doubled the revenue in 2019, and soaring new heights in 2020.

What my Clients say

She is one of those rare writers you do anything to keep. Smart, detailed, well-researched — her work is clean on the first go.

Editor, GoDaddy
stephen chen

Shweta is hard working.  Her quality of work is also good and never misses a schedule. Would recommend to colleagues in the future. Well done Shweta!

Her commitment to work is absolutely remarkable. She makes it a point to take complete ownership of the task at hand and delivers very satisfactorily and always on time. She is a very dedicated professional with good research acumen. We are happy to have an asset like her as a part of our growing team.


Had a great experience! Top-quality writer, highly-recommended.


Audit your homepage copy with this free (but should be paid) checklist.

What do I help with

Who It’s For

How It Works

Some of the Awesome Clients I’ve Worked With

My Investment – Your Profit

Audit your homepage copy with this free (but should be paid) checklist.

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