Is your COPY NOT converting visitors into SUBSCRIBERSLEADSBUYERS ?

An unoptimized copy is like a battleship with gaping holes in its sides. Sooner or later it’s gonna sink no matter how big and strong it is.

Copy with holes

Is it possible to make your Website, Sales pages, and Email copy convert better without spending thousands of dollars and re-re-re writing the entire copy altogether?

YES…It is..

Sale worthy copy

Just like you fix the holes in the ship and it’s a brand new and shiny thing again, Copy Audit fixes the leakages, covers up all the holes, and makes your copy Sail(Sale)-Worthy.

When to get ‘ALL – OUT Copy Audit’?

Not sure if you REALLY need a second pair of eyes on your copy? Take this litmus test to take a call.

  • You think you SHOULD have higher conversion rates (the ugliest ones on the internet are converting better and selling more)

  • You feel something is missing in your copy (you don’t know what)

  • You have a DIY copy or

  • It has been quite some time you revised the copy

  • You don’t have $10K to hire a copywriter

If anyone of those holds true for you, you need the ALL – OUT Copy Audit.

Inside ALL – OUT Copy Audit you’ll get

An easy to follow and detailed audit report and a video walkthrough explaining-

  • A list of mistakes you’re making with the copy, design or both

  • Actionable steps directing you exactly what to do instead

  • Suggest corrections on key copy elements like Headlines, Sub-headline, and CTA.

  • Screenshots and suggestions on the design and UX aspect

  • What you’re doing right and should retain

  • A one-on-one session with me answering your any further questions you may have

Here’s what will happen when you decide to Work with Me


Step-1: Hop on a Call

  • We will quickly get on a call.

  • You’ll talk about your business, your audience, value proposition, competitors, and the asset you want to optimize…I’ll put pen to paper.


Step -2: Deep Dive in Data & Research

I’ll grab a coffee, roll up my sleeves, put my spy hat on, and deep dive in research and data. This process may include:

  • Thoroughly reviewing your copy, identifying key mistakes that are sabotaging your sales

  • Analyzing customer feedback, surveys, interviews, support emails, testimonials, and

  • Analytics reports like Google Analytics, ad reports, heat maps, email analytics, etc


Step-3: Delivering Your Copy-Audit Report

  • You get a detailed audit report and a walkthrough video helping you understand the suggestions and steps to implement them. 

  • After you receive the video and the PDF, I would be happy to get on a call and answer any questions that you may have.

Will you re-write the copy?

The PDF and the video will have the specific actionable steps that you can easily implement. 

It will also include suggestive scripts for the key copy elements (Headlines, Sub-headline, and CTA), but it will not include re-writing the entire copy.