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Hi, I’m Shweta!

I help small businesses (like yours) get a YES from their prospects- to book a call, to try a new offer, and to recommend them further.

With my Marketing and Research-based background (both, academic as well as practical)…

I can Help You

Navigate through your prospect’s thoughts, fetch what they ACTUALLY want, and then melt their objections like a falling row of dominoes so that your offer looks like a STEAL.

After being trained and certified by the world’s most coveted copywriters – Joanna Wiebe (Copyhackers) and Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer) and helping more than 30 companies create persuasive content, including ones like GoDaddy, I am truly grateful to be able to help businesses with content.

Talking about gratitude, how can I forget hundreds of books and dozens of coaches who have taught me the Science of getting people to say YES. Using which, I created my business in 2018, doubled the revenue in 2019, and soaring new heights in 2020.

My Story…

So, here’s this secret that I want to share with you.

I was one of the naughtiest kid in the class who would get scolded and presented in the principal’s office every other day

I have always been a mediocre student and never won an award or medal for myself or the school

I was certainly not a people-pleaser or a boot-licker


Still, I was on the list of favorites of many teachers (at least my favorites).

And I could persuade and convince people to not just open their hearts for me but also their wallets.

From persuading my parents to finance my new fads to convincing the management why I’m the best fit for the promotion or any other opportunity (even when there were more experienced and eligible people)- I have done it right.

The Result-

I was holding a couple of extra positions in the organization.

I was chosen to be a part of the Management Development Program. I was only 25, going places to deliver lectures to the senior management of various organizations along with the head-faculty and other senior faculty members.

From getting the sponsors to selling the seats, yours truly was always a part of the CORE team of every event in the organization. 

While my colleagues were always green with jealousy, my friends use to say that I had that God Gift of convincing and pleasing people.

The Epiphany-

I used to believe my friends until I read a popular book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. 

To my surprise, it mentioned a lot of things that I did subconsciously as The Principles of Persuasion.

That was the eureka moment for me as I learned that-

Persuasion is not an art but a Science. And anybody can learn it.

I spent years reading books, journals, classical and seminal work on persuasion including complex research papers written by genius minds, ever lived on this planet 

I applied those principles to win contracts and build an agency-based business in 2018. Using the same principles, I was able to double the revenue in the next year.

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Audit your homepage copy with this free (but should be paid) checklist.