Our Process

Step -1: Briefing

  • We’ll start with you briefing us on your audience, customers, your sales goals, brand voice, and the key performance indicators.

  • You’ll get a questionnaire to help us understand all of this.

Step -2: Deep Diving into Data & Research

I’ll grab a coffee, roll up my sleeves, and deep dive into research and data. This process may include-

  • Thoroughly reviewing your copy, brand documentation.

  • Analyzing customer feedback, surveys, interviews, Google Analytics, ad reports, heatmaps, email analytics, etc.

  • Interviewing your existing customers

Step -3:  Strategizing

  • In this stage, we’ll create a message hierarchy and develop a hypothesis based on all the research we’ve done in Step-2

Step -4:  Writing

  • Here’s when I’ll put on my writer’s hat and craft the data-based copy backed by tested frameworks of copywriting and sprinkled with scientific principles of persuasion.

  • Every asset that I create is a balanced mix of the voice of customer messaging and psychology principles to make sure that it is optimized to work without making you feel salesy

Step -5:  Optimizing

  • Lastly, we’ll put our copy to test and see how it is working against the last one, what worked and what could be improved, and suggest ways to optimize (if required)