You’ve heard that people buy from people they trust. 


Yes, but how do you establish credibility when you’re just starting out when you don’t have much experience or authority? 


Turns out it’s easy, and I’ll give you three scientifically proven ways to do just that. 


I’m Shweta, a conversion copywriter with 6 years of experience helping more than 78 businesses with copy that converts. 


In this article (originally posted as a video on Youtube), we’ll talk about 3 heck simple ways to earn credibility that are scientifically proven to work and that you can implement right now


1- Images

In a study by Eryn Newmann in 2012, it was found that images even if they are non-related make the claims more believable. 


That means, putting an image beside any claim you make would be more trustworthy than making the claim in simple text. 

So next time when you’re sending out your proposal, include an image of your work.


2- Precise numbers

How many times have you round-figured your numbers just for the sake of simplicity? I’m also guilty of that. 


But the fact is people believe precise numbers


I’ve worked with 233 clients is more believable than saying I’ve worked with more than 200 clients.


I know it’s tempting to round up your stats but stick with the precise number and see the difference. It has more impact than you think.


3-Back your claims

It may look simple but you’ll be surprised to know many people fail to do this. 


And you don’t always need testimonials or your income statements to prove your claim. You can use-


Personal stories

Media-accolades or even logos, designation, degree, etc. 


For example, if you’re a coach you can simply use your story (how your method changed your life or your friend’s life) to back your claim.


See how simple these techniques are and how much they can impact the believability and trustability of your brand and offer.


This article was originally posted on Youtube (check it out HERE).


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