If you’re looking for some help or ideas to write an Alluring, Psychology-backed About-Me Page that hooks your audience and leaves them no option but fall head over heels in love with you— you’re in the right place.

So, temme…

Have you ever landed on an About Page that resonated with you so well that you ended up reading all the blog posts from that author? You even downloaded all her freebies, checked out her paid offers, and silently stalked her on social media as well.

 Maybe you even found yourself wondering- “How does she know what I’m feeling right now? How can she understand my pain and struggles in such detail?

 You want to hug her and say, You are so damn right, I already love you!”

 Let me ask you something-

When you sit down to craft your About Page do you imagine the above reaction from your audience?

About Page -Expected Reaction

Or you see the reader browsing through your page mechanically, yawning and gazing at random places, and then finally leaving the page with zero impact

About Page - Boring

I guess you would say yes for the first one.

So, how do you create an About Page  

 -That makes them fall head over heels in love 💛 with you? 

 -That connects with their pain and desire in a way that they think you’re the only one who gets it

 -That establishes you as an authority, someone they like and trust

And above all..

Can all this happen on ONE page?

I know there’re so many questions popping up in your head. Before I tell and show you HOW every smart marketer is doing that (and you can too), I wanna say…

Yes, this is possible and that’s what the purpose of this page is- to SPEED DATE!

But, if and only if…

..it has woven together all the elements of persuasion in the RIGHT sequence.

TheCopyThatSells.com - Done For Your About Me Page

5 Elements of Persuasion to write a Killer About Page 

1- The Hook

This section hooks the reader by evoking a certain type of emotion.

You might have a revolutionary product or an excellent piece of content, but everything is going to fall flat if you fail to hook your audience in the first 30 seconds.

You already know this. 

Now the question is HOW.

It has been scientifically established that our brains have more than 100,000 years of evolutionary hardwiring. At its core, every brain is the same, and all of our brains are filled with emotions. Emotions will always get our attention. Period.

In the first few words, it is imperative to hook them with the right emotions.

For example, here’s how Enchanting Marketing’s About page hooks the readers with something they want the most.

Enchanting Marketing- About PageAnother way to hook your audience is to scratch where it hurts the most eg., 

– Paying for the subscription and still not earning a penny from email marketing?

– Purchased stacks of planners that’s collecting dust on the table?

2- The Fit-in

Shows how you can help and fit in her life.

While every hook is trying to elicit a certain type of emotion, its fit-in counterpart answers the monologue going in their mind at the subconscious level.

For example, if you’ve hooked the reader painting the dream state they want to be in, the monologue on a subconscious level is this: Yes, I want this. But, can she help me achieve this?

Copyhackers - About Page

So, in the ‘Fit-in’ section give them a reason to believe that you can help them attain their goals. 

If you’re using Alluring About-me Page Templates, I would recommend you to use the 5 hooks and the 5 fit-ins in the given combination only. 

3- Authority Boosters

Establishes you as an authority.

According to a scientific study, a deep-seated sense of Duty to the Authority exists within all of us.

We are trained from birth with the idea that obedience to proper authority is right, and disobedience is wrong.

Therefore, it is imperative to establish yourself as an authority. 

But you need not be a scientist or Ph.D. to establish your authority. There are so many ways you can establish your authority even if you’re a newbie. 

The most challenging part of this section is subtly conveying all your achievements without bragging. Needless to say, with Alluring About Page Templates, we have your back.

Here’s how Content Marketing Institute (CMI) does it-

Authority Booster- About Page4- Your Sticky Story

Evokes likability by striking a connect through

They may forget your name or your company’s name, but if they ever remember something about you, then it’s Your Sticky Story.

Remember, they don’t care about your ‘What’ unless they understand your ‘Why’.

Here’s an example of how Ramit Sethi uses the story framework- ‘Rags to Riches’ to tell a tale that you don’t forget.

Sticky Story - About Page

If you think you don’t have a story you haven’t thought enough. Two story-templates in the Alluring About me Page Template will help you craft your story in the most compelling way. 

5- Call to Action (CTA)

Earns you an ASK in the end.

 If your reader has reached this point on your page, you’ve successfully persuaded her. Congratulations!

 And now, that she is full of emotions and warmth, it is the right time for you to make an ask.

 This is also the time when she’s open to hearing more from you, so don’t leave her hanging.

 But it’s important to have the RIGHT type of CTA- otherwise, you might turn them off at this point.


Wanna see some examples of persuasive About Pages?

Let’s start with Darren Rowse, popularly known as Problogger.

ProBlogger- About Page

Let’s now see how one of the smartest guys on the internet persuades on his About Page.

The Smart Passive Income Blog (Pat Flynn)- About Page

The Hook - About Page


The Hook - About Page