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You’ve heard that the foundation of SELLING is


So, you’re putting yourself out there- going live and running ads,

You’re churning out blog posts after blog posts…

…ALL to the sound of crickets.

But, you’ve seen people sharing their wins, and boasting a 5-figure income,

You also want to work in pajamas and be your own boss.

And you know It Is Possible, and it’s right under your nose.

 So, what’s that invisible wall between YOU & the IMPACT that you want to create?

See, Here’s The Thing

Selling is NOT about your Product, You or the Free Information.

You Know?

  • 95% of people make decisions SUBCONSCIOUSLY.
  • 99% of people’s brain works according to the same PRINCIPLES.
  • With these principles, you can SELL sand to an Arab and Water to a drowning man.

Therefore, What You Need to Know is


With These PRINCIPLES, you can…

So, Are You Ready For The First Scoop of Psychology of Persuasion? - 21 Strategies of selling with Persuasion

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Shweta.

I help small businesses persuade their prospects to buy from them without them looking salesy.

I have been in the business for the last five years and helped more than 30 companies create persuasive content, including my favorite brand, GoDaddy.

I’ve been featured on news platforms like Entrepreneur, YourStory, and BusinessWorld Disrupt, among many others.

Being able to help people struggling with persuading their audience is what I LOVE.

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