Are you looking for ways to boosting your website traffic? Do you want more eyeballs on your content? Are you looking for easy-peasy tricks to do the job quickly?

Of course, you want to know how to rank higher on Google. Let’s discuss the low hanging fruits that you can pick and eat today.

Without much ado, let’s learn-

How to rank higher on Google

1- Updating the old content

Content that you have already created is an asset. Using Google Search Console or tools like Ubersuggets you can find out the keywords you’re already ranking for.

Go to Ubersuggest. Enter your website name and location (where your target audience is located). Now, in the Traffic Analyzer go to Keywords.

Traffic Analyzer> Keyword

how to rank higher on google

This will give you a list of all the keywords you are ranking for. Look for positions #2, #3… 

These are your quick wins. These are the keywords you’re ranking for, but you’re not on the first position.

It is easier to boost the ranking of a keyword for which you’re already ranking than trying to rank for a new keyword. 

Take note of those keywords.

Go back to the article and try fitting more of these keywords in the article by adding more content that is relevant. 

Here’s the thing-

There are two major changes you’re doing:

1- Updating the old content- This gives Googe the signal to come and re-check your page.

2- By adding more content you’re providing in-depth information on the subject.

And, Google loves content that is 

Fresh and In-depth

You’re pleasing Google on both of the above-mentioned criterions. This is one of the best ways of how to rank higher on Google.

2- Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another quick hack to get your blog post some push without many efforts.

Here’s how to do it:

Search for related blogs in your niche with these two comment plugins-

  1. Commentluv
  2.  Keywordluv

So, what happens when you comment on the websites that have Commentluv or Keywordluv plugins they provide a do-follow link back to your website. 


You bagged do-follow links that easily.

Here’s a detailed list of 1000 blogs on various niches that have Commentluv plugin enabled. Just find your niche and pick up some good blogs to follow.

But, here’s the thing

1- Do not comment on spammy blogs or blogs with very low authority. Spammy websites linking to you is not a good signal in Google’s eyes.

2- Don’t just go, touch, and run. Be there. Read and understand the topic and try to give a head-turning perspective or some additional information. This will send you not just the link juice but also the traffic from that site to yours. 

So, you killed two birds with one arrow.

How to rank higher on Google with blog commenting strategy-

In the search bar put this search string-

Intitle: Microsoft Office “commentluv”

And this will give you a list of blogs that have  ‘Microsoft Office’ in the title and Commentluv plugin enabled.

Although most of the commentluv blogs give a do-follow link, some blogs switch to the no-follow option.

So, how do you find it’s a do-follow or no-follow link?

Download this chrome extension and this plugin will show a red box if that link is a no-follow.

For example, although this website uses Commentluv the links you’re getting are no-follow.

I have used blog commenting not just to boost my Google ranking but to build a relationship with fellow bloggers and influencers.

3- Increase Your Page Load Speed

Find out the loading speed of your website using this tool of Google.

Page load speed is yet another important factor that Google considers while ranking webpages.

Once you have entered your URL and found your page load speed for mobile and desktop here are a few things you can quickly do to boost your ranking.

Spoiler alert! Don’t aim for a score of 100. You can find many top websites that don’t have a score of even 90 like Facebook, Entrepreneur, etc.stiil they are the leaders in their niche.

  • Find out plugins that no more serve you any purpose or you can do without them. Deactivate and finally delete them from your plugins area in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Use Smush plugin to bulk compress the size of your images
  • Download a website cache plugin 

Interested to do more? Here’s a detailed and practical guide on how to increase your page load speed.

4- Internal Linking

Hungry for more tips on how to rank higher on Google? 

Interlinking is another SEO tactic that I have used to boost my Google ranking. You can do right today. 

Find out your old posts that are related to the new ones and start linking back to them at relevant places.

This is again a two-sided sword.

1- you are getting some do follow link juice from your own website

2- you’re increasing dwell time on your website.

However, the key here is interlinking only when it is highly related and helpful for the reader otherwise it can do more harm than good.

5- Register your business 

Register your website/blog on E-27 and Crunchbase. 

Once you register on these two websites you get a do-follow link back to your site. 

This way you can displace a couple of unrelated websites that rank when you type your website’s name in the search bar. 

6- Create a round-up post 

Here’s how I created a round-up post on SEO. 

The day I published this post my traffic shot up instantly. 

Not just because people in my network wanted to learn SEO tips from experts but I got access to those influencer’s audience as well when they shared it with their community.

Over to you:

So, these ways have helped me boost my Google ranking in the initial few days of starting my blog and my articles started ranking for some keywords on the first page of Google within few days of starting the blog.

Here’s a snippet from the very first article I wrote on this site that started in the search result within 6-7 days and gradually secured third position for this keyword.

So, you’ve got some homework today?

While you’re eager to find out the comment Luv enabled blogs and the keywords that can help you rank higher, remember- these are the easy-peasy tactics. 

The main strategy lies in hard work and perseverance. 

These tactics can surely give your site the initial push but in the end, it is the quality content on your site and the engagement that builds a community.

Try these tactics come back here, and tell me how you fared with it. 

Good luck!


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