Does looming blogging task dangle in front of your eyes all the time? If you’re running your blog as a side hustle or juggling household chores along with blogging, you’re always short on time. Yea I got you! I know because I’ve been there.

I have been there tossed between several things from household chores to creating blog posts, freelancing work, marketing my blog, creating illustrations for my posts to writing to managing the tech part, I do it all myself.  And, I’m a mom (it’s a full-time job!). Sigh!

Heck, is it possible? See, I heard you again (We’re connected by heart! 🙂 )

Yes, it is very much possible if we organise our day and work. In this article, I’m gonna share small hacks to become an ultra-productive blogger in no time.

productivity hacks

Organise Your Work

1- Editorial Calendar

Consistency in creating content is the biggest challenge even the finest marketers face in content marketing. Blogger’s block leads to you ending up creating filler content and winging it half the time.

You might be creating stellar content, but if it’s still not showing results you can probably blame the inconsistent schedule. Editorial Calendar is that bridge that connects your hobby blog to a professional one.


2- Planner


If you know WHY the heck you’re creating what you’re creating you’ll be motivated and more efficient at blogging. Blogging is no throwing it against the wall and see if sticks. It’s the most logical way of marketing your products and services.

A blog planner gives you an integrated view of your content strategy.  You have a clear idea of what purpose a particular piece of content serves in your overall content strategy.

Shiny object syndrome is a real problem for us. It is tough to stay focused and a planner helps you keep focused and more organised, save you from shiny object syndrome. Needless to say, it keeps you on your toes. Blog planners I would recommend from Amazon:



Sadly ideas don’t come when you want them the most. Maintain an idea folder I call it ‘Eureka File’. I’m so much a pen-paper girl I always carry flashcards. Be it a new word/phrase I learnt or an idea I simply document it that very moment. Or, simply wassup it to my hubby and document it in file later.

Open up your eureka file when you’re writing and sprinkle some fresh and original ideas and stories to your content.

You can use apps like Evernote, Pocket or Notes.


4- Blog template

Have a blog template. It’s simple! Choose a hook for your introduction and quench their WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) factor. Like I follow this:

5- Batching -My Secret Sauce!

This works! Try it!

Batching is doing similar kind of tasks together and getting it done in a swoop. Multitasking kills productivity. Your brain needs time to cope up with task switching. Batching is the exact formula to get the shit done. I end up doing more than I had planned for the day. What tasks work best for batching:

1- Write theme-based articles and try doing 3-4 articles at a go. While you’re writing an article you are already reading a lot many related articles, and many ideas are sprouting in your head. You’ll create more articles in less time and of better quality.

2- social media posts- create all posts images, text to go with it, in one day for all the blog posts

3- Keep one day a month for your website only.

4- Create your email sequences at a stretch for a smooth flow from one email to another.

A planner can help you get more organised with your tasks.

You need to decide, the tasks you can go batching and those that you need to complete in one sitting.


Focus on your Focus for an enhanced productivity


6- Neat Desk

Do you want to be more productive? clean up your desk. Want to be creative? Trash it.

What you see has a direct impact on your brain. A tidy looking desk encourages ‘good behaviour’ and can help you squeeze the last ounce of effort from you.

7- Emails Check later

Social media including emails are a big time sucker. In the morning (when I’m highly charged) we usually start our day by checking our inbox. I used to check email and lost for hours swirling in someone’s drip/funnel. Now I start my day with my work and check all accounts later. Also, watch and monitor the frequency.

Organise Your Day


8- Night plan the morning (most charged)

I’m the morning person, still, I need the motivation to get off my cosy blanket. Morning sleep is the dearest thing on earth and that doesn’t change for an early riser. It is the defined set of tasks (already planned at night) that help me overcome the resistance of cuddling my lil baby in the warm and cosy blanket and snoozing my alarm.

Did I say you should wake up early? Ammm… yea, I would strongly recommend doing so. It’s not me but the stats that say most successful people are the early risers. So, stop hating me now.

9- Find Out your highest-energy-time

It’s okay if you find getting up early backbreaking. Like I’m an early person you might have your highest energy in the afternoon (when the baby is asleep) or at night when everyone at home has slept. Find it out and keep the writing task for that time.

Fuel Your Creativity to be an Ultra Productive Blogger

10- Meditate

Ahh! Meditation enhances your observation power that is the key driver of creativity. Start small, try with 5-minute sessions. Simply focus on your breath in the start and gradually increase the time. Don’t assume you’re not made for it if your monkey mind hops from one thought to another. That’s absolutely normal! Let the cloud of thought pass and draw your focus back to the breath.

11- Drink water

Your brain is 80% water! Drink plenty of it, keep it hydrated for efficient output. If you’re like me who forgets to drink water get some free water reminding apps like hydrate daily or daily water to your phone.

12- Draw, paint, play music

Give your brain’s right hemisphere some exercise. Just like you train your body muscles to run a marathon by starting small and each practice massages your muscles making them stronger for the d day practice every form of creativity. Sketching, piano and dance is my way.

13- Take an afternoon power nap

You want a longer life, a happy mood, positive state of mind and become more creative? Give your brain a break! Now on, don’t be guilty of cuddling your kid and stealing a nap hour from your busy daily schedule. Don’t believe me, believe the science behind that says power naps boost creativity.


Productive Bloggers Work Smarter  


14- Be Efficient at Social Media

I use Canva for all my social media posts. With the pre-made templates, you simply need to change the image and text and you’re good to rock.

15- Redress Your Content

Have you repurposed leftover rice in the breakfast or next day lunch? We, moms, hate wasting food (secretly it saves us from cooking again..demon we!). So do that here again, redress your content.

Check out this list of 11 genius ways you can repurpose your content.

16- Content Upgrades

A content upgrade is simply the bonus content that people can download in exchange for their email ids. The more they interact and engage with your brand they more they trust you. It gives you extra chance to nurture your relationship over email.

17- Grammarly

When I was not making a single penny from my blog, the only tool I invested money in was Grammarly. It can save you from having eggs on your face. Sometimes you’re galloping through your article to meet the deadline, one silly mistake and grammar nazis are there to bully you. It takes me less than five minutes to quickly scan through the major mistakes in the article.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]