Like other brands, you must also be wrestling to attract more and more leads, right? No matter what niche you deal with, you have either direct or indirect competitors. And to stand out from the crowd, you need to beat them all and make people prefer your brand.

But it’s certainly not that easy, in order to step up and grasp your audience, you need to make them believe in your brand and content marketing is exactly what that can fill the gap.

Content marketing is a strategic approach to create and share valuable content in order to attract and convert. Marketers prefer content marketing as one of the important pillars of any online marketing strategies.

Let’s see what the stats say-

  1. 91% of b2b marketers use content marketing as a part of their prime marketing strategy.
  2. 86% of b2c marketers think that content marketing is a key strategy.
  3. 53% marketers’ top priority is blog content creation.

(Source- OptinMonster)

Now that you’re convinced enough regarding the importance of content marketing, it’s time to shoot another question- Is just creating awesome content enough?

When I was just starting off as a blogger, I reached out to many other bloggers in search or some helpful advice. And then I got the best piece of advice from one of my favourite bloggers.

I agree with it even now. Content marketing is as important as content creation. You can’t just publish an article and wait for people to check it out. You need to get out and tell others that you have created something amazing and worth reading.

But do you know everything about content distribution or you’re missing something?

In this article, I will share about some really cool ways of distributing your content like a pro and reach people as much as possible.


You need to accept this, visual is more appealing than simple text-based format. And infographics are the best way to deliver information embedded in an image. Infographics are the most shared form of content and if you are missing this then you need to try it now.

Here are the steps that you need to follow-

  1. Collect all the bullet points from your main article.
  2. Use an Infographic creation tool like Piktochart or Canva.
  3. In case you don’t want to do it yourself, hire a freelancer.
  4. Mention all the points and add some related images to your Infographic to make it look more appealing.
  5. Share it on your social media channels and other Infographic sharing platforms. Here is the list of top 100 websites for sharing your Infographic.

2. Turn it into an eBook

How about gathering all your blog posts and publishing it as an eBook? After the launch of Kindle, it has become quite an easy task to publish your own eBook in just a few minutes.

A tool like Print Friendly allows you to convert your blog post into an eBook. Once you convert some of your best posts in eBook, combine them all together and your eBook is ready. Apart from content distribution, it can also be used as a lead magnet for generating email subscribers.

3. Email Marketing

Your email subscribers are your real followers and are 3x more likely to share your content on social media than any other mode, How can I not mention them in the list of content distribution strategies?

If you’ve not started building a list of subscribers, start right now because it’s going to be with you in the long run.

4. Video Marketing

Did you know that you can even convert your blog posts into a short video?

On an average, 100 million internet users watch online videos daily. There are several tools and resources out there that can help you create awesome short videos in just a few minutes. Some of my personal favourites are – Animoto, Animaker and Lumen5.

5. Reddit

In case you’re not aware of it, Reddit is a great way of sharing worthy content and attracting a lot of traffic. But beware because Redditors are not so friendly and can freak you out if you try to spam it.

Reddit is a popular social media platform, solely based on user-generated content. If you wish to share your content and get the maximum engagement rates, you need to be sure that you’re only sharing worthy content. Here is a little guide on how to leverage Reddit as a content distribution platform-

  1. Choose the subreddits- Reddit has several subreddits and you need to dig out the best ones according to your niche.
  2. Participate- Redditors hate people who just promote their stuff. Don’t just focus on yourself but rather engage with other users as well, comment, upvote and even downvote.
  3. Find which subreddits worked- Once you have tried almost all the subreddits, related to your niche, it’s time to check out what worked the best for you. Create a list of best subreddits that worked for you for the future purposes.
  4. Don’t get banned- Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit can easily block your functionalities. In order to stay alive over there, never share the same link in more than one subreddit.
  5. Share it- Now that you’ve understood the basics, it’s time to share your links. You can get both positive as well as negative comments but don’t panic and revert to all of them.

6. LinkedIn

social media platform usage graph(Source-Social Media Explorer)

If you know me then you must be aware of the fact that I am a huge fan of LinkedIn. I generally share all my articles over there. But it’s not only me who believes in the power of LinkedIn but 94% of the b2b marketers also distribute their content over LinkedIn.

In general, there are three ways of sharing your content over LinkedIn-

  1. Share the link.
  2. Share the entire post as an article. (You can also add a little part of the article and then add a link that redirects to the whole piece)
  3. Share the main points of the article in the form of a simple post and add the link to the whole article at the bottom.

7. Quora

With over 190 million monthly active users, it’s impossible to ignore Quora. Quora is just not limited to question answers but rather much more than that.

In comparison with other social media websites, it’s really difficult to create an audience over Quora. You need to be active enough, share your thoughts and help others. But whatever you do to build an audience over there, it pays off.

Once you decide to get started with Quora, try to answer as much as possible but only answer questions related to a certain niche. You might also simply add the bullet points in your answer and then add a link at the bottom redirecting to the whole article.

8. SlideShare

Have you ever tried sharing slides? SlideShare is very powerful yet underused content distribution tool. The tool allows you to create wonderful slides. Moreover, the SlideShare teams also promote all the slides by sharing them on their social media networks and also by putting it on the homepage.

If you’re someone who wants to try something different and effective at the same time, SlideShare is exactly what you need.

9. Republishing

Why not share your content as much as possible? Republishing is a great way of reaching an entirely new audience through your already published posts. There are several publications out there that allow you to reuse your old content.

Medium is one of the best options, there are a plenty of big publications on Medium that allows you to republish your articles over there. Furthermore, you can also try reaching out to some other big publications if they allow republishing.

Wrapping it up-

When you rely on content marketing, you just don’t need to worry about composing great articles and making it awesome but also focus on the marketing part.

Select the best strategies according to your niche, reach as many people as possible and win the content marketing game.