I cringe every time I encounter this popular question “Why Written Content is Important THAN EVER?”

I cringe because I know the answer. When I am busy helping my clients meet the content needs for their business, I have to work against the clock to catch up with the content calendar for my website.

The most common form of content produced by marketers is the written content that includes creating awesome blogs, articles, even product descriptions and web page content.

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Why written content is important than ever?

Why at all you should have a blog on your website? why not only videos? or infographics?

We all have heard the rant on visuals, infographics and videos as the most engaging form of content. But none of them can rank well unless accompanied by the relevant, keyword targeted content surrounding it. A written content helps your videos, infographics and pics rank higher in the search engine.

Search engines don’t know what’s written in the image/infographic. Written Content published online helps people find you in search engines. See how I wrap this infographic with content above and below.

When you’re marketing and want to attract customers, your content is what gives people the answer to the questions they’re asking.

Some people still want to READ.

Written content is cheap to produce.

Of course, you need a good mix of all forms of content but the unique written content is one you just can’t avoid.

Your content is what gets people to…..

KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

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Many businesses are reluctant to spend a dime or their valuable time on content writing.

I understand their situation entrepreneurs have multiple strings to their fiddle. But, ignoring content writing and marketing is like working your fingers to the bone to cook a dish and not serving it to anyone.

If you are a writer, content marketer, please go ahead and share the information with your boss. The following data can help you convince him to invest more in written content.